Monday, April 04, 2005

The Park Inn is offered on eBay

Offered for sale on eBay, Mason City's Park Inn Hotel (1909-1910) is the only hotel still in existence of the six Wright built. As the only remaining Wright-designed hotel, the Park Inn is internationally significant both architecturally and historically. The Park Inn is a prototype for Wright's world famous Imperial Hotel in Tokyo (1914-1922) and, in its massing, a forerunner of his Midway Gardens in Chicago (1914).

Check out the eBay listing for photographs of this project. Whoever buys this better be ready for a big time commitment of cash. The restoration of the hotel, is projected to cost $10 Million, of which the first $1.3 Million has been spent on stabilization of the roof, restoration of the external facades and replacement of 72 stained glass windows, lost through the years, with accurate reproductions.

The offering on eBay is controversial, who could be the buyer?, what will they do with the property. The Park Inn is on the National Register so there is protection there.

What would FLW think of the eBay offering? He was always at the forefront of modern things and he liked controversy.

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